If your friends leave,
we are here for you.

If your friends leave,
we are here for you.

The modern animal crematory in Rüti, near Zürich

An appropriate last journey for your loved one

We from Dicentra, your animal crematory in Switzerland, know, that for most people it is unbearable to just dispose of a loved pet once it has died. Over the years, a pet becomes a trusted companion, and therefore deserves an appropriate burial. As animal crematory in Rüti, near Zürich, in eastern Switzerland, we are always ready to cremate your pet in a modern way.

Apart from animal cremation we offer the following:

  • Pick up of your pet from home or from your veterinarian Link
  • A special room for your farewell
  • Burial in the beautiful "Papillongarten"
  • Personal grief counseling
  • Obituaries in our "Animal Heaven"
  • Pressing of the ashes into a diamond Link
  • Empathicguidance
  • Order form Link

Your animal crematory in Rüti, near Zürich, for pets of all sizes

If hampster, dog, cat, or horse - to say farewell to a loved pet is always difficult. Once the time has come, we will prepare the last journey of your friend as beautiful as possible. You can honor your pet one last time in our special room for your farewell, and grief without any disturbance, before the professional cremation and animal burial will take place. If you also think that animals that have died deserve as much respect as humans, visit us at the most modern animal crematory for small animals in Switzerland.

A unique animal cemetery at your animal crematory in eastern Switzerland

If you are looking for a last resting place for your loved companien, your will find a unique animal cemetery in the heart of Switzerland, in our "Papillongarten". In this lovingly created area, we will bury the ashes of your deceased loved one, together with other animals in a well cared for, shared, burial site. Of course you can visit this garden at any time. As an alternative, there is the possibility of manufaturing a unique Diamond out of the animal ashes - a keepsake that will last forever.